I will make good things happen for other people - for those here now and those who come after us.

When things get tough and I fall short I will remind myself I can accomplish anything with time, effort, patience, and resilience...anything.

When my situation is not the best I will do the best with what I have.

I will be resourceful and responsible.

I will get over myself and expect more of myself.

I will be obligated to this world and the people in it.

I will give more. I will enjoy more.

Signers of the Declaration of Contribution

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goal or project? Visit GiveMore.com.

Cross The Line™ (encourage commitment)

Smile & Move® (inspire better service)

212° the extra degree® (encourage more effort)

Love Your People® (reinforce accountability)

We're here to make good things happen for other people.

That's the ultimate mission statement. We do it and it all works.

But too often we forget. We let our ego get in the way, a challenge or three, a person (ourselves) and we let go of that primary mission.

I wrote this Declaration of Contribution as a simple way to help people (and myself) hold ourselves accountable to making the world a better place. I hope you'll add your signature and share it with others who you feel might find it helpful.

How much better would our days here be if all of us were focused on making good things happen for other people?

Sam Parker

Who is Sam?

Sam Parker

I'm a co-founder of GiveMore.com.

I work with a committed group of people who create material to help people kick off and support meetings, goals, and projects.

I'm the author of a few bestselling books and booklets... 212 the extra degree (about how a little more effort and attention can have a big impact on results), Smile & Move (a reminder to be more positive and service-oriented), Cross The Line (encouraging commitment and perseverance), and Love Your People (inspiring personal care and accountability among people). All of them and their respective videos can be found at GiveMore.com.

I believe in everything I write but am challenged by all of it just like everyone.

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my wife Jennifer, our 3 children, and a dog named Sesto (it means sixth in Italian... as in sixth member of the family).

You can email me at Sparker@GiveMore.com. If you're slightly more daring, my phone is 804-762-4500 ext. 303.

To connect with me online, please visit... GiveMore.com/Connect.


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